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The Draytones Documentary

If you’re a fan of The Draytones, then do we have a treat for you!!

The Draytones are in the process of finishing up a documentary which focuses on their tour of South America, Falkland Islands and the Anglo – Argentine relationship. Here’s the trailer:

(Although the trailer is in Spanish there’s still plenty to get excited about!!)

We also have a live video of The Draytones playing the Falkland Islands to share with you!!

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The Draytones


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New Videos From The Draytones

We have a couple of videos from The Draytones to share with you lovely lot!!

First up is a new video response to a fan question. This is the latest video in the series where The Draytones answer questions asked by their MMC fans. What will be answered next?

The second video is taken from South American TV and features a live performance from The Draytones. Fast forward to 8 minutes in to see The Draytones do their thing!!

Don’t forget to drop by The Draytones artist page to say “hello” to the guys, just click on the banner.

The Draytones


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Videos From Some Velvet Morning & The Draytones

Some Velvet MorningEver wondered what goes on back stage before at rock show? Well now you can find out first hand with this behind-the-scenes video from Some Velvet Morning!!

The guys are now back in the good old UK after playing some international shows and shooting their video for their upcoming single in Thailand. More on this soon!!

If you’re still in the in the mood for videos we also have a new video response from The Draytones. For those that missed out before, here’s the dealio… The Draytones asked their fans and investors to send them questions that they would answer through the glorious medium of internet video. Here’s the latest.

For all you rock needs head over to The Draytones artist page by clicking on the banner.

The Draytones


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Ivyrise Studio Webisode 3 & More The Video Q&A From The Draytones

Ivyrise On The CouchAnother day, another look into the exciting world of making a rock record in an amazing studio.

This webisode focuses on Ivyrise axe-man Dan as he lays down his parts for upcoming Ivyrise debutIvyrise‘. Is that Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitar? Why yes, I believe it is.

In another day of glorious video offerings we have another exclusive video from The Draytones as they answer questions from their fans and investors.

More of these exclusive videos are available for The Draytones investors. So, if you want all-access to exclusives then you need to become part of their next record by investing!! Head over to The Draytones artist page by clicking the banner.


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Ivyrise Studio Webisode 2 & The Draytones Video Q&A

Ivyrise Sitting On A CouchWe have the second webisode in the Ivyrise Studio series for you wrap your peepers around!!

Ivyrise singer Ben Falinski chats with producer Jason Perry about Sonic Ranch studios and what makes the place so special. We also get to see more of the world famous studio which has recorded albums for the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Mudvayne.

More of these videos to come 🙂

If you crave more video stimulation then we also have a video from The Draytones for you to check out. The band asked their investors to send in all their burning questions so they could pick out their favorites and answer them in a series of videos. Here is the first video reply.

More of these on the way too!! Make sure you keep up with The Draytones on their artist page by clicking the banner.

The Draytones


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Mega Easter Weekend Extravaganza

To kick of this mega Easter weekend we have a host of goodies for all you MMC investors.

First up we have a new video from the mighty Some Velvet Morning. A mix of live footage and behind the scenes studio action all set to huge sounding ‘Resistance‘. Click the banner to watch.

Some Velvet Morning Resistance Banner

Rounding off this trio of goodies are some intimate live photos from The Draytones recent show at ‘The Lion’. Click the banner to go to The Draytones artist page and see the pics (pic are in the gallery).

The Draytones Live Pics

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Ivyrise On The Album Chart Show & 2 New Videos From The Draytones

Ivyrise have been featured on Channel 4‘s The Album Chart Show!

The show is presented by Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw who guides viewers through the hottest new music around. Click the banner to Watch the video.

Ivyrise album Chart Show Banner

If you just want to see Ivyrise you’ll find them at these points in the video.

Intro Mention – 01:01

Main Feature – 05:48

As a special weekend treat we have 2 personal performance videos featuring Chris and Andy from The Draytones. Click the banner to watch.

The Draytones


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