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Complete Making Of Ivyrise

With the video launch of ‘Yes To Running‘ we thought we’d give you all the complete making of experience by getting all Ivyrise studio webisodes in one place!!

So here they are for your viewing pleasure 🙂


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Ivyrise Studio Webisode 6

Well it’s here folks, the last webisode of Ivyrise in the studio.

This last video focuses on the shenanigans of bassist Mark as he gets into the rock star lifestyle and lays down his parts on the highly anticipated Ivyrise self titled debut album.

Here at MMC we are currently busy finishing up the behind-the-scenes video for Ivyrise‘s latest video ‘Yes To Running‘ so there is more exclusive Ivyrise video goodness on its way soon. Until then, keep up with the world of Ivyrise by clicking the banner to visit their MMC artist page.
Ivyrise Sitting On A Couch

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Ivyrise Studio Webisode 5 & Some Velvet Morning Music Video

Ivyrise On The CouchAs we return from another weekend we are greeted by the next installment of Ivyrise in the studio.

The star of this new episode is drummer Josh. We’re nearly at the end of this series, but don’t worry. We have some great behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot for ‘Yes To Running‘!!

Rockers Some Velvet Morning have been busy filming the video for their first single from their upcoming. The details are still under wraps but we can tell you, the video is being shot in Thailand. Head over to the Some Velvet Morning artist page to get the latest info from the band, just click the banner.

Some Velvet Morning Band Picture


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Ivyrise Webisode Round Up

Ivyrise Band PictureThe weekend is drawing near and what better way than with an epic Ivyrise webisode round up including the new episode featuring Ben?!

See the making of ‘Ivyrise‘ from the inside as Ben, Dan, Josh and Mark craft their debut rock epic.

There are still more webisodes to come as the August 22 release date for their album draws nearer.

The guys will be releasing their second single on MMCYes To Running‘ August 8. The video for this was shot in a huge mansion and from the first edits we’ve seen looks great. We are in the process of cutting together a special behind-the-scenes video which will be ready soon. Keep your eyes on the Ivyrise artist page by clicking the banner.

Ivyrise Group Shot With Release Date August 22


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Ivyrise Studio Webisode 3 & More The Video Q&A From The Draytones

Ivyrise On The CouchAnother day, another look into the exciting world of making a rock record in an amazing studio.

This webisode focuses on Ivyrise axe-man Dan as he lays down his parts for upcoming Ivyrise debutIvyrise‘. Is that Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitar? Why yes, I believe it is.

In another day of glorious video offerings we have another exclusive video from The Draytones as they answer questions from their fans and investors.

More of these exclusive videos are available for The Draytones investors. So, if you want all-access to exclusives then you need to become part of their next record by investing!! Head over to The Draytones artist page by clicking the banner.


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Ivyrise Studio Webisode 2 & The Draytones Video Q&A

Ivyrise Sitting On A CouchWe have the second webisode in the Ivyrise Studio series for you wrap your peepers around!!

Ivyrise singer Ben Falinski chats with producer Jason Perry about Sonic Ranch studios and what makes the place so special. We also get to see more of the world famous studio which has recorded albums for the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Mudvayne.

More of these videos to come 🙂

If you crave more video stimulation then we also have a video from The Draytones for you to check out. The band asked their investors to send in all their burning questions so they could pick out their favorites and answer them in a series of videos. Here is the first video reply.

More of these on the way too!! Make sure you keep up with The Draytones on their artist page by clicking the banner.

The Draytones


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Ivyrise Studio Webisode 1

Ivyrise Group ShotThe first Ivyrise studio webisode has landed!!

In this series of behind-the-scenes videos you’ll get to see Ivyrise record their debut album which was funded by the MMC investors.

The first webisode shows the Ivyrise heading for Texas, arriving at the studio and features the album version of ‘Line Up The Stars‘ as the soundtrack.

More of these to come.

Not a bad start to the week!!


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