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Ivyrise Studio Webisode 2 & The Draytones Video Q&A

Ivyrise Sitting On A CouchWe have the second webisode in the Ivyrise Studio series for you wrap your peepers around!!

Ivyrise singer Ben Falinski chats with producer Jason Perry about Sonic Ranch studios and what makes the place so special. We also get to see more of the world famous studio which has recorded albums for the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Mudvayne.

More of these videos to come 🙂

If you crave more video stimulation then we also have a video from The Draytones for you to check out. The band asked their investors to send in all their burning questions so they could pick out their favorites and answer them in a series of videos. Here is the first video reply.

More of these on the way too!! Make sure you keep up with The Draytones on their artist page by clicking the banner.

The Draytones


My Major Company


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