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MMC & The Chain On BBC Business News

BBC News LogoAfter a week away I’m back with some more news and goodies from MMC!

After an absence it only seems right that we come back with something big, so here it is. An article and video featuring My Major Company on BBC Business News!!

The article includes an interview and live footage of The Chain and goes into detail on the whole phenomenon that is crowd funding. Click the banner to watch the video feature.

BBC Business News Banner

Fans of The Chain will know that Ben and Kate have been busy getting some great goodies lined up. To keep up to date with everything the duo have lined up for their fans and investors head over to The Chain artist page by clicking on the banner.

The Chain - Ben And Kate
Great to be back.


My Major Company


MMC Featured On Euronews

Euronews LogoWell it’s the Friday again. But, before we all kick back and enjoy some quality relaxation time we have some cool MMC press to share with you.

This nice little article is from Euronews which covers international news, business, technology, sports, you name it they probably cover it. You may recognize the chap shouting into the mic in the main picture as it is none other than Desmond Lamert of Some Velvet Morning. It’s a great piece and really gets across what MMC is all about.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with Some Velvet Morning and their album progress over on their artist page. Just click the banner for all the Some Velvet Morning you can handle.

Some Velvet Morning


My Major Company

New Ivyrise Q&A Videos

Facebook LikeHave you been keeping up with the Ivyrise video Q&A?

The guys asked Facebook fans for their burning questions and are picking their favorites to answer in a serious of exclusive videos. Here are the latest video responses.

Dream Line Up For A Gig:

Who Has The Dirtiest Habits On Tour?:

There are more videos to come, to make sure you don’t miss the next batch click the banner to visit the Ivyrise Facebook page and give it a big ol’ “Like“.


MMC has some great new videos lined up. We can’t give too much away just yet but we can let you know that they will be behind-the-scenes videos!! Actually that’s too much info… forget what you just read.


My Major Company

The Chain House Gigs

The ChainFor those that follow The Chain on Facebook you’ll know about their upcoming house concerts, for those that don’t, here’s the dealio.

The Chain are planning some shows where they play to you and your friends in your house. This is the ultimate intimate gig and not to be missed by anyone lucky enough to live around the London area.

To give you an idea of the kind of fun you could be having here’s a video clip of The Chain playing a previous house gig.

For details on how you get have The Chain play at your house, click the banner to visit their Facebook page.

Facebook Banner


My Major Company

Ivyrise In Total Guitar Magazine

Total GuitarIvyrise are in the press once more!

Rock 4-piece Ivyrise are burning up the pages of the mighty ‘Total Guitarmagazine. In this piece Ben Falinski and Dan Tanner chat about the origin of their passion for music as well as their time in the studio. Dan also reveals what guitars he plays on their upcoming album including one with a rather special past.

Check out the article by clicking on the banner.

Ivyrise Total Guitar Banner


My Major Company

Hearts Under Fire On Rocksound

Rocksound LogoHearts Under Fire have been getting some great attention with their music video for ‘Liquid Luck‘. The gritty action packed party video is doing the rounds over at Rocksound, with the video being featured on the homepage of the Rocksound website!! Check out the Rocksound post by clicking here.

For those that missed out on the Hearts Under Fire‘s awesome new video you can check it out right here.



My Major Company

Millers Daughter Behind The Scenes Teaser

Millers DaughterIt’s the Friday again and of course MMC wouldn’t send you off into the weekend without an exclusive goody to keep you going.

This week we have a sneaky behind the scenes look at the Millers Daughter photo shoot. This photo montage is set to Millers Daughter‘s own ‘Go If You Go‘. A glorious teaser of the shots to come.

Make sure you drop by the Millers Daughter artist page to let the girls know what you think, Just click the banner watch the video.

Millers Daughter


My Major Company