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Ivyrise In Music Week

Music Week is widely considered the music professionals hand book and this week it has featured Ivyrise single ‘Line Up The Stars‘ in their section called The Panel.

The Panel is where a selection of songs are singled out for success by music industry tastemakers from various areas of the music media.

Line Up The Stars‘ was selected by Mischa Pearlman of Kerrang! (which is one of the top rock publications on the UK market)

This is what they had to say about Ivyrise and ‘Line Up The Stars‘.

“This heart-wrenching single from London four-piece Ivyrise mixes an anthemic melody with stadium rock sensibility that sounds and feel limitless. An upbeat, powerful pop song, it should soon inspire impassioned singalongs whenever they play it live”

Here’s a clipping from the weekly publication. Click for the HQ image.

Music Week Ivyrise

The Ivyrise guys are taking a well earned day off today after traveling around the country all week visiting radio stations pre-recording interviews and acoustic tracks to go along side plays of ‘Line Up The Stars‘. Of course we’ll upload the shows as soon as we get our eager hands on them.


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