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Reuters Piece, HUF Live Video & Millers Daughter Behind The Scenes Pics

Global News Agency Reuters has done a very informative news piece on My Major Company which gives a great overview of what we do. It features plenty of footage of Some Velvet Morning in the studio which is very cool. Check out the piece by clicking on the banner.

Reuters Banner

Hearts Under Fire rocked the MMC Launch Party and we filmed it!

The girls smash out a great performance of ‘Animals‘ and brought some punk rock attitude to the Launch Party. Click the banner to watch the live performance.

HUF Launch Party Live Video

Millers Daughter had an amazing photo shoot yesterday and we got some great pics. In the afternoon the girls uploaded some behind the scenes pics to the MMC Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We’ve uploaded the behind the scenes pics to the Millers Daughter Investor Zone Blog. If you’ve invested in Millers Daughter click on the banner to see the pics.

Millers Daughter Behind The Scenes Pics Banner

Ivyrise are on the radio rampage again today. The boys will be dropping by Juice FM and BBC Radio Merseyside to pre-record some interviews and acoustic tracks to go along side their single plays, very exciting!


My Major Company


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