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Ivyrise Single Review In Print

We have our first print review of ‘Line Up The Stars‘!

Star Magazine and OK! Hot Stars have awarded Ivyrise‘s debut single with 4/5 stars. Both magazines have large readerships so this will be seen by a lot of people.

Here’s a clipping of the review.

Ivyrise Star Review


My Major Company


New Millers Daughter Song

Millers Daughter have uploaded a brand new song to their MMC artist profile!

The song is called ‘Undeniable‘ and has a fresh take on the girls signature sound, mixing their classic vocal style with a modern edge. Have a listen, it’s guaranteed to get you dancing.

Visit Christie and Loui at their artist profile by clicking on the banner.

Millers Daughter


My Major Company

‘Line Up The Stars’ Official Release Date

Ivyrise single ‘Line Up The Stars‘ will be officially released 11 April.

So what’s currently available on the iTunes Store I hear you ask…

The ‘Line Up The Stars‘ single currently on iTunes is the initial release. This is made available as soon as a song goes to radio. The purpose of the initial release is to catch listeners while the song is still in their minds. If people have to wait around for weeks then they tend to forget about that one awesome song they heard on the Radio 1 but couldn’t find on iTunes.

The official release follows and will usually have some cool extras such as live or acoustic tracks, b-sides or videos.

We have some rather awesome extras lined up for the official ‘Line Up The Stars‘ release!

Click the banner to visit the Ivyrise artist profile.



My Major Company

The Draytones Live Video & Sky News Australia Feature

The Draytones are kicking the week off with a bang with their live performance video from the MMC Launch Party.

If you weren’t there you missed a blistering set from The Draytones, luckily for you we filmed it.

Click the banner to watch the video.

The Draytones Live

Sky News Australia has been making some noise about My Major Company down under with a rather nice feature. Operation: World Domination is underway!

MMC Investors with a keen eye may recognize the video from The Reuters feature 🙂

Click the banner to see the feature.

Sky News Australia Logo


My Major Company

Ivyrise In Music Week

Music Week is widely considered the music professionals hand book and this week it has featured Ivyrise single ‘Line Up The Stars‘ in their section called The Panel.

The Panel is where a selection of songs are singled out for success by music industry tastemakers from various areas of the music media.

Line Up The Stars‘ was selected by Mischa Pearlman of Kerrang! (which is one of the top rock publications on the UK market)

This is what they had to say about Ivyrise and ‘Line Up The Stars‘.

“This heart-wrenching single from London four-piece Ivyrise mixes an anthemic melody with stadium rock sensibility that sounds and feel limitless. An upbeat, powerful pop song, it should soon inspire impassioned singalongs whenever they play it live”

Here’s a clipping from the weekly publication. Click for the HQ image.

Music Week Ivyrise

The Ivyrise guys are taking a well earned day off today after traveling around the country all week visiting radio stations pre-recording interviews and acoustic tracks to go along side plays of ‘Line Up The Stars‘. Of course we’ll upload the shows as soon as we get our eager hands on them.


My Major Company

Adam Parker Sync Deal & Ivyrise On The Radio

Adam Parker has been picked up for a sync deal with Outside Online!

Adam Parker
(A sync deal is when an artists music is featured in an advert, movie, TV, compilation album, video game or is covered by another artist.)

Outside Online create content and videos that focus on a range of adventure activities, travel and fitness to accompany their print magazine Outside. This sync deal is great exposure for Adam as his music will be heard by a brand new audience.

Click the link to watch the video, Adam‘s music starts playing around the 5 minute mark. I hope you have a head for heights because there’s some pretty crazy rock climbing!
Outside Online Banner

Ivyrise are hitting the radio road again today with visits to BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Manchester to pre-record interviews and acoustic tracks. These will go along side plays of their single ‘Line Up The Stars‘.


My Major Company

Reuters Piece, HUF Live Video & Millers Daughter Behind The Scenes Pics

Global News Agency Reuters has done a very informative news piece on My Major Company which gives a great overview of what we do. It features plenty of footage of Some Velvet Morning in the studio which is very cool. Check out the piece by clicking on the banner.

Reuters Banner

Hearts Under Fire rocked the MMC Launch Party and we filmed it!

The girls smash out a great performance of ‘Animals‘ and brought some punk rock attitude to the Launch Party. Click the banner to watch the live performance.

HUF Launch Party Live Video

Millers Daughter had an amazing photo shoot yesterday and we got some great pics. In the afternoon the girls uploaded some behind the scenes pics to the MMC Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We’ve uploaded the behind the scenes pics to the Millers Daughter Investor Zone Blog. If you’ve invested in Millers Daughter click on the banner to see the pics.

Millers Daughter Behind The Scenes Pics Banner

Ivyrise are on the radio rampage again today. The boys will be dropping by Juice FM and BBC Radio Merseyside to pre-record some interviews and acoustic tracks to go along side their single plays, very exciting!


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